All-day Meditation

  I know you’re wondering if that title is correct?  Didn’t she mean “daily meditation”?  Nope.  I meant to type “all-day meditation” because I’ve just discovered how to do it…and like most good things, quite accidentally.   Honestly speaking, I don’t practice meditation every day.  I want to, intend to, try to…and then I just […]

Practicing Courage

  When was the last time you actively practiced courage?  Personally, I’m afraid that I can’t remember.   I mean, I try to be brave if the occasion requires it, but I actually don’t look to put myself into situations that will actively call for this.  Seriously, at my age, navigating the subway in Manhattan felt brave. […]

Keeping An Open Mind

  I can’t really think of an instance when keeping an open mind about something turned out to be a bad thing.  Can you?  Even if someone or something disappointed me, having an open mind kept the possibility of good results alive for a time and that time was good.   While I was not […]

I’m not really a big city girl…

    I’m not really a big city girl, though you’d never know it.   I have managed to take up residence in big cities (Boston, Chicago, L.A.) most of my adult life.  I now find myself off to the “Big Apple” for vacation.  How did this happen?   Well, yes, I know technically how it […]

Living Deeply

[ photo by Lynn Nagel; poem by Lori Havrilla]       Living Deeply   Shall we live deeply without drowning, without losing ourselves in the dark, merky waters of that which is our soul?   Shall we go to that place which calls to each of us when we take the time to close our […]

Embracing One’s Aloneness

  Ordinary men hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe.   (Tao Te Ching, 42nd verse)     Yes, I’m on a bit of a Tao roll, so bear with me.  I carry the pocket edition of the Tao Te Ching in […]