Empty Nest

October 15th, 2012

I’ve always considered myself so blessed to have a daughter who is so thoughtful, kind, smart and funny (like her momma, of course).  But I’m now discovering that there’s a downside to having the greatest kid in the world.


She really took to heart all the messages I sent her about being her own person, taking personal responsibility for her actions and forging her own path in life.  You’d think I’d be ecstatic about that, right?  Well, I might if the forging hadn’t been so successful and taken her to the college of her dreams located clear across the country.  What was I thinking encouraging such independence?!


This is all tongue-in-cheek, of course, because I’m unabashedly proud of my daughter’s accomplishments and life pursuits.  It’s just that when the child you’ve been raising turns out exactly as you’ve hoped and dreamed they would, it would be nice to have them around a little more.  Oh, is that my mother’s voice I hear in my inner ear? “What goes around, comes around.”  Yep, that was her alright reminding me that I, too, spread my wings at a very early age and kept spreading and forging my own very long, windy life path (through foreign countries at times)  until I finally settled clear across the country from my origins.  Sorry, mom.  I finally get it.


Okay.  I’m not going to cry in my empty nest for too much longer.  That would make for a soggy nest which would probably fall out of the tree real soon.  Splat!  Nope, not a pretty image.  I’m going to start  thinking of ways to respread my wings…though they might be a little stiff, dusty and a few feathers shy of their former brilliance. Regardless, it’s time to explore new flight paths for the momma bird who has successfully launched her birdies into the world.


Ah, the blessing and the curse of having a kid who turned out a lot like me.  Hats off to my momma bird who let me fly so young.


Life is good.  Namaste.  –Lori

3 Responses to “Empty Nest”

  1. Wings come in many shapes and sizes. Hummingbirds and condors, parrots and owls, peacocks and swans. The sky is the limit.

  2. Well-put Glen. You are obviously a “frequent flyer.”

  3. Great blog Lori! I’ll be facing this soon enough. At least we didn’t live in the middle ages when they fostered their children out at age 5. I couldn’t imagine.

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