A Matter of Honor

photos by: Theresa Holder    “Perhaps, the most important thing we can do is honor whatever season we’re in and not fight it.”     I love this follow up comment from my recent post Seasons Change.  Fellow blog writer Sara  really gave the fighter in me something to think about here.    After reading Sara’s comment, […]

Put me in time-out, please

  Did you ever flow through your day and think, “This is good. Life is good. I’m good.” – only to have one little miniscule everyday life event mess it all up? (Oh please let me not be the only one.)   Yesterday was that day for me. The morning (my special, intention-setting, alone time) […]

Plan P: To Be Positively Positive

Remember how your mama used to tell you, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”?  Well, I’m ready to hold my tongue…literally.  Yes, I just may need to grab it with my index finger and thumb and walk around like that all day long.  No whispering, no mumbling, no nothing.  I […]

A Committee of One

I’m currently trying to follow Edwene Gaines (The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity) 21-day challenge to fast from negativity. Honestly, it’s not going so well. When I first read the chapter in the book, I thought that it would be a cinch. Never did I imagine that I couldn’t keep negative comments from flying out of […]