All-day Meditation

August 27th, 2009

deep meditation


I know you’re wondering if that title is correct?  Didn’t she mean “daily meditation”? 

Nope.  I meant to type “all-day meditation” because I’ve just discovered how to do it…and

like most good things, quite accidentally.


Honestly speaking, I don’t practice meditation every day.  I want to, intend to, try

to…and then I just do my best which averages about 4 times a week.  Not bad, but I feel so

darned good when I actually take 20 measly minutes out of my day (early morning is best for

me) to quiet the mind and soul and open myself up to unknown consciousness possibilities

that await.  Even if I don’t have a “deep” experience, I always feel better when I meditate,

even if just for part of the day.


Today, however, I just expanded my definition and practice of meditation.  You see, I had

done the crossed-leg, deep-breathing, quiet meditation thing in my home this morning before work, but then as I progressed through my day, I found that the peace of mind I had started with continued throughout my very regular day.


Morning — Daughter yelling: “Mom, we need to leave RIGHT NOW!”  Me: Ommmmmm……”Okay, let me get my shoes on.”


Lunchtime — Plan: Go to sandwich shop and eat in nice air conditioning while preparing

afternoon class.  Actuality:  All tables occupied in sandwich shop, line to order

sandwiches practically out the door.  Me: Ommmmmm…….wait patiently in line, start

reading materials for afternoon class, order sandwich, leave, drive to somewhere else to

enjoy sandwich.


Afternoon —  Yoga instructor Mic set the intention for us to lengthen those hamstrings (you

know, those muscles you feel when you stretch your legs out and try to bend over and touch

your toes without bending your knees…ouch).  So as I stretched those ever-tight hammies, Ommmmmm…… just kept my focus on my breath and keeping my eyes relaxed.   Before I knew it, I was touching those toes and actually enjoyed doing it!


Now I didn’t actually say “Om” outloud at any point in the day.  I don’t think I even said

it to myself.  But I can honestly attest that I felt for a brief few seconds or minutes, I


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experienced the quiet solitude of deep meditation while moving through my day.  The best way

I can explain it is two-fold:  First, in a situation that would normally trigger my anxiety,

I was quickly able to flip a switch to peaceful acceptance.  Second, I also had that magical

feeling of time moving at its own pace, not mine.  I don’t know how long that sandwich line

took or how long I held that yoga stretch, but it felt like a millisecond.


If you’re reading this, I don’t think that I have to convince you that meditation is good stuff.  I invite you all to try it every day or all day.  Whatever works best for you.  Either sit quietly and set your intention for relaxation and renewal in a traditional way or stop for a few seconds on your evening walk and smell the night air, internalize it, let time pass of its own accord without you worrying that you need to be doing something.  Find snippets of time each day, all day to breathe in and Om your way through a regular day and into oneness with the Universe.


Life is good!  Namaste. –Lori

5 Responses to “All-day Meditation”

  1. I do this!!! Not all the time but a lot. When I find myself in a long line or traffic…I meditate. I take some deep breaths and use the opportunity of waiting to do something good. Sometimes I silently bless everyone around me. It brings me peace. I do need to establish a more regular meditation routine though…even 10 minutes just to quiet my mind would be good.

  2. I found myself doing this by accident, too, after I completed a 30-day meditation experiment where I meditated every day. Since that time, I have found it much easier to “step outside” of any given situation, relax, and breathe deeply. It has done wonders for my sense of peace and well-being.

  3. @ Caroline – I think regular meditation is a good goal. I also think we can each give our own unique definition of “regular” that fits our lifestyle.

    @ Jay – Don’t you love cool accidental discoveries?

  4. Aren’t you sooo glad we know about this? Gets me out of what could be some very frustrating days.

  5. Awesome results, I don’t do meditation every day in this last period, but I want to restart doing it.

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