When Life Gives You Shingles, Make Lemonade.

April 5th, 2012



Okay. So maybe the saying is supposed to say something about lemons rather than shingles, but the lesson is the same. At least for me.


[As a quick side note, I just want to say that I’m glad to be posting on my blog once again after a long absence. I’m not going to offer a multitude of excuses, explanations or apologies. I’m simply ready to write again.]


I’m happily on the path to recovery from a very mild, but mindful, case of the shingles. Of course I brought it all on myself. Overwork, under self-care, stress and worry abounding. What was in my control (workload and taking care of self), I considered out of my control. I let others dictate how much, how little I should work, exercise, play, etc. What was totally out of my control (most things in life, really), I allowed myself to worry and stress over to the point of dis-ease (AKA: shingles).


Now this is a true testament to the Universe giving you what you ask for. I so desperately wanted a break from my four part-time jobs and various other obligations. Felt sorry for myself that I had no vacation time. So I conjured up a break/vacation of sorts. Only it came in the form of a contagious virus. Brilliant! Must stay home and recuperate, right? Well…


I spent the first half of my isolation week continuing to worry about all the stuff I wasn’t getting done and making HUGE to-do lists. Then I would look at the lists and just cry from a sense of being overwhelmed and under-energized to tackle any of it. I know! Terrible therapy for recuperating from illness (but when part of the illness has to do with control issues…totally understandable).


The latter half of my get-well week was spent reviewing how I arrived at illness to begin with and refocusing my attention inward. So I put away the to-do list and took out the journal. I started writing affirmations about my health, safety and living in a peaceful Universe. All is well and works out as it should. I repeat. All is well in my life and works out exactly as it should. (Of course these affirmations are intended for me, but feel free to say them with me and feel your shoulders start to release from your ears and melt down your back.)


The saying goes that when the Universe blesses you with lemons, you should not wish for a less bitter fruit, but rather make a nice cold batch of lemonade to refresh yourself with (mildly paraphrased that saying, of course). So I plan to spend the rest of my recuperation time (which will be however long the Universe blesses me with), being thankful that my wake-up call was mild and not severe. In case a sports metaphor is more to your taste than a food one, I don’t have to be hit over the head with a wooden baseball bat to take notice. A whiffle bat will do just fine.


Universe, thank you for my refreshing glass of shingles. I plan to drink it mindfully.


Life is good. Namaste. –Lori

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  1. I too am mixing up a big pitcher of lemonade from my case of shingles. I also have a mild case although its very painful and my eye nearly swelled shut, it started getting better in less than a week. I’m so glad I found your post, because it is exactly what I am going through! I too needed to be hit over the head with a whiffle bat! Well said!

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