About Me

My name is Lori Havrilla and I’m just a regular person following her own path on this journey called life.  That’s it.  I’m neither a guru, nor a master of anything.  I figure that by the time I master any of my life lessons, it’ll probably be time to check out of this life and start the next one.  My mission: to be better today than I was yesterday.  Pure and simple, but a struggle nonetheless.  How do I do it?  I’m not sure that I have yet, but I’ll keep reading, listening, studying whatever the Universe blows in my pathway until I do.  You won’t find any award-winning writing here, just a few spiritual tidbits that move me and I hope will resonate with you or someone else out there in the cyber universe.


Please feel free to share your open-minded comments through posts that are respectful to all human beings.  I truly believe that we are all spiritual beings sharing a human experience on this planet regardless of our origins, beliefs and practices.


Lori in Grand Canyon






 Life is good! Namaste.  –Lori