Parenting A Teen

I like my teen!  Crazy, isn’t it? After all, we all know that when we were teenagers, our topmost mission in life was to drive our parents insane.  And we felt totally justified because we were positive that they arose every morning deciding how to make our young lives more stressful than we already felt they […]

Happy 9/11

  Wishing you all the happiness today, September 11th, 2009, that you deserve simply because you are you.  A child of God, a part of your Source, a piece of the Universe, a wonderful living, breathing being.   No, I’m not crazy.  Nor do I mean to be disrespectful, insensitive or thoughtless.  I am perfectly […]

All-day Meditation

  I know you’re wondering if that title is correct?  Didn’t she mean “daily meditation”?  Nope.  I meant to type “all-day meditation” because I’ve just discovered how to do it…and like most good things, quite accidentally.   Honestly speaking, I don’t practice meditation every day.  I want to, intend to, try to…and then I just […]

Doing, Not Writing

photo by Babykailan     I’ve been busy.  It seems that working through my Vacation To Do List  requires actual doing more than writing.  But it’s good stuff.  It’s good to follow through on plans (yoga, car maintenance, etc.), to be open to new unplanned activities (cleansing diet), and to sometimes not want to do […]

Just Being Present

  Lately, I’ve been enjoying being inside.  Inside of me, that is.  Being present.  Being thoughtful, without having great thoughts.   Did you ever sit down to write something — a letter, a paper for school, a birthday greeting — and find that you don’t have anything witty or especially interesting to say?  Well, that’s […]