Just Being Present

July 16th, 2009



Lately, I’ve been enjoying being inside.  Inside of me, that is.  Being present.  Being thoughtful, without having great thoughts.


Did you ever sit down to write something — a letter, a paper for school, a birthday greeting — and find that you don’t have anything witty or especially interesting to say?  Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately, and I’m thinking that it’s probably okay. 


There are times when I’m just about busting out with new ideas, and everything I experience seems to be experienced in prose or poetry.  Then there are times when the experiences just sit with me, marinate, ruminate, and don’t need to be expressed right away. 


This is one of those times and I think I’ll just enjoy it.


Life is good!  Namaste.  –Lori

5 Responses to “Just Being Present”

  1. Oh I like times like this. Going within and just being with whatever that may be. It’s so nice not to pressure “it” to happen…but allow “it” to happen in it’s own time.

    I hope I made sense…lol.

  2. How ironic that I went to your blog today. Like you, I have times when I am full of new ideas. Ideas on organizing my home, working on my PEI scrapbook, or some motivational thoughts to write in a journal.

    But once I get caught up in what I’m calling an addiction to “outside stimulus”, mostly surfing the net for the latest controversy in politics or how our tax money is being spent, all my creativity goes away.

    This morning before I logged on I decided not to watch the news, not to go to my favorite political website, and not to read any of the email that gets sent to me (unless the subject line tells me it’s something important). I had read some of your postings earlier in the week and I loved them. I also really love the blog design art. So this is the first place I came this morning after sleeping in a little this morning. Reading and looking at the art, I feel more of a calm and peacefulness inside. My creative juices are still stirring, not dying like they do when I read the news.

    Now I’m going to take one of my ideas and follow through, something I don’t usually do. Thanks so much.

  3. Your posts are meeting me exactly where I am lately, Lori. Thank you.

  4. Theresa — Thanks for visiting and sharing. It’s challenging to cut out the outside stimulus, but good to try once in a while. I also find that my creative juices flow more when I cut back on these things.

  5. Chania Girl — There’s plenty of quiet space to go around. I’m happy to share.

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