My Vacation To Do List

July 18th, 2009



Don’t hate me, but I’m a teacher and  I’m lucky enough to be embarking on a four-week summer break.  Family vacation to some touristy city where my daughter can shop and I can museum hop will only take up five days.  The rest is mine, all mine!


Lest I squander my well earned, much-anticipated time off, I’ve decided to make a very personal, but public, To Do list for myself.  (If you’re reading this, hubby, I didn’t say “Honey-Do” list.  So if you’ve been entertaining some notion of me as the site manager to any home improvement projects, you’ll just have to release that notion.  We can certainly put those ideas on the back burner, but I don’t plan to spend my time in the kitchen monitoring the stovetop.)


Back to my list.  Back to me. (Oh, I feel so delightfully selfish right now.)  These are my “home improvement” projects, with home defined as: a place where one feels comfortable, safe, entertained and can let it all hang out; a place where there’s no need to be anyone but who you are, and have a hell of a time exploring who that might be.

 golf green and brook

  • Play a round of golf on a real golf course.  Thanks to my wonderfully talented and patient husband, I have learned how to hit a golf ball fairly well.  It never goes more than 110 yards at the most, but I almost always make contact with the ball and have a great time at the driving range.  Nervous as I might be to debut on the greens, I’m bored with the little green carpets.  Time to foray onto the course and into the grass (sand and/or water optional).


  • Take a kayaking lesson.  I’m so lucky to live near the ocean.  It’s a real shame that I don’t do more water stuff.  I’ve been yearning lately to be out on the water in a boat.  The dilemma being that I don’t actually know anyone with a boat.  But who are all those people paddling around in the marina between the docked boats?  Kayakers.  I will be one of them soon.


  • Yogacize on an almost daily basis.  I’m thinking that five times a week would be a great goal to put on the To Do list.  My usual excuses for not getting in enough exercise have to do with having other commitments that conflict with yoga class schedules.  Well, now, I think that by posting this, practicing yoga has just become one of my top commitments.  Other things will have to work around the yogi’s schedule.  Ja Yoga, here I come!

 japanese garden

  • Meditate in the Japanese Gardens.  Yet another blessing practically in my backyard is the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.  Sad to say, but I only go there when I take my students on field trips to the adjoining university.  I spend the whole time taking photos of everyone, and I never get to enjoy the beauty and solitude of the gardens.  A new experience of a familiar place is on the horizon.  Time to gather my quarters for the koi food machine.


  • Make a date with a detective on the beach.  Okay, this one probably sounds either really sinister (what kind of trouble have I been getting into, right?) or maybe raises a suspicious eyebrow for anyone who knows that my husband is not in law enforcement of any kind.  Relax.  It’s just a date with a novel.  I spend most of my time, most of my year really, reading great inspirational books.  In fact, many wonderful authors (shout out to Wayne Dyer, my guru) inspired this blogging adventure.  But nothing fits better in the beach bag than a good detective novel.  Female private eyes are especially heroic and entertaining to me, especially ones named Stephanie Plum .


  • Be more neighborly.  Many people in big cities don’t even know their neighbors.  I’m lucky enough that I know several of my neighbors on a first-name, small-talk basis.  However, I have never made the time to socialize with any of them.  I’m not sure what form this socialization will take, but I do plan to invite a neighbor or two to lunch, movies, a walk in the park or whatever the universe presents as a good opportunity to be with these kind people. Shyness, concern for proper neighborly boundaries (or whatever else was stopping me from doing this sooner) will be left behind.  Howdy, neighbor!


  • Personal tune up stuff.   Not as boring or mechanical as it might first sound.  Okay, maybe slightly mechanical.  My car does need maintenance, and deserves a little tune up after all it’s done for me this year.  So do my eyes, teeth and muscles (why have I waited so long to book a massage?).  Oh yeah, the hair and nails must not be forgotten.  I love those parts too and plan to keep them for a long time. 


Okay.  Now that I’ve shared my To Do list with the universe and my readers, I plan to be accountable for progress made on said list.  If you’re at all interested, check back in about a month to see what I was able to check off my list, what got revised or back-burnered.  I promise to give an honest report.  I almost can’t wait to see the final report myself because life is always so interesting and full of twists and turns.  The possibilities are exciting.


What personal To Do list can you create for yourself?  What check mark on that list would put a huge smile on your face?  You don’t have to share it with anyone, but I encourage you to at least make the list and let the possibilities unfold.


Life is good!  Namaste.  –Lori

7 Responses to “My Vacation To Do List”

  1. Hi Lori,

    Enjoy your time off – sounds like a great plan of activities! And you’ve reminded me to take my own car to the garage and my shoulder to a masseuse… Self-care is soooo important : )

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting Hilda. The plan is in place and unfolding as I write. Please schedule that tune up (your car and your body).

  3. Hi Lori,
    Thanks so much for sharing this post. I have been working with these ideas myself. The main motivation being that my son will graduate next year from HS and be gone. Once he is gone who am I? You define home as; “a place where there’s no need to be anyone but who you are, and have a hell of a time exploring who that might be.” For me I want to keep checking in. It has been so easy to be involved in his exciting teenage life and so I feel I need to know who I am, what is important to me, and what I would like to do as meaningful “work”.
    Thanks for inspiring me to really put it down on paper.
    Take care and I will be checking in! 🙂

  4. Hi Lyra. Thanks for your comment. I can completely relate to you as well, having a teenager who is fully enjoying her high school experience. I know it’s my job to support that (hence my title “cheer mom”), but I want to keep growing as a woman to provide her with a good role model of the kind of person she can continue to be after the high school and college years. Keep checking in so we can be a mutual support.

  5. Hi Lori,
    I envy your life (especially 4 weeks summer). I cannot do like you because my clients will run away if I close my clinic a long time!
    You know, you are so lucky that you have your wonderfully talented and patient husband.
    at last, I will do My Dream to Do List. Of course, I still have a little happy box! It makes me feel good. Can you remember that?

  6. Sek – Remind me about the Happy Box. I vaguely remember it, but not the details. What does it look like? What is the purpose? What’s inside?

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