Take A Friend To Yoga For Free

July 3rd, 2009

Now wait a minute, you’re saying.  I thought this was a blog, not a blatant advertisement for your new yoga studio, Lori.  Well, although I love my favorite little yoga studio (Ja Yoga), owner Mick Ja is not running any such specials as yoga-pose-white-top-400far as I know.


Friends in the human form will have to pay. But a friend-by-intention is absolutely free of charge. 


I love Mick, my favorite yogi, because he’s always taking us somewhere else during our yoga practices.  Sometimes we go whale watching, sometimes on a hike (as you can imagine, that class was a good workout for the legs).  Always, deeper and more to the core (my favorite place when I can get there). 


Today I found myself looking at another woman who reminded me of my BFF who lives a few thousand miles away.  I miss her and wish we could do more things together, so I decided to bring her into the yoga studio to take class with me.  Yes, I just consciously set the intention to have her spirit practicing yoga right there next to me.


What a lovely practice I had, sharing the ups and downs, ins and outs of the class with my best friend at my side.  When I took a deep inhale, I closed my eyes and pictured her deep-breathing right along side me.  When I stretched, I set the intention that she feel the wonderful sensations in her muscles as well (she might have been a little out of shape because I thought I saw her wince…or was that me?).  In the final relaxation pose, we were both able to let go of our hectic days and share a moment of peace across the miles.


Afterwards, I told Mick about my experience in class and he assured me that my friends-by-intention were welcome to participate in class anytime, free of charge.  He was willing to forego his usual fee in exchange for having the extra yogic energy in the room. 


While I appreciate the freebie,  I felt so wonderful sharing class with my BFF, I just might pay double next time for the pleasure of her company.  Why not bring a friend-by-intention to your next activity?  It closes the gap on long-distance friendships and certainly adds a new dimension to “the buddy system.”


Life is good!  Namaste.  –Lori

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