Right On Time

October 2nd, 2009


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I’m 47 years young.  There.  I’ve just broken a really huge taboo and told everyone, everywhere my age.  So what?


Though it took me almost half a century, today I learned a really great lesson from a 24-year-old wise man.  Let’s call him Joe.  Joe led my meditation class and got me breathing, moving, twirling and vibrating energy very early on a Sunday morning.  (My Sunday mornings typically begin by sleeping in and then drinking coffee in bed while watching whatever sport is on the tube.)


Thanks to the wisdom of Joe and the generosity he showed us by sharing his gift, my Sunday has got off to an amazing start.  I thanked him after class, listened to more of his wise observations on meditation and reconnecting with spirit and told him that I wished I had been so wise at such a young age.


In his wisdom, Joe responded, “You’re right on time.” 


I instantly got it!  It all circles back to staying present and knowing that only by being in the present moment can you connect with Spirit.  Wishing you had done things differently in the past or worrying about getting it or getting there in the future is futile.


Apparently, I’m in the right place and time in my journey to make my connection with Spirit.  So are you.  Don’t worry that it’s too late or you’ve missed your chance.  Forget about your age, your background, your station in life.  Just be still and listen for the boarding instructions.  You are right on time to make that connection, and I know it’s going to be an amazing journey.


Life is good!  Namaste.  –Lori

4 Responses to “Right On Time”

  1. Indeed. you *are* right on time. And I’m glad that I am on time too, so that I got the chance to meet you. 🙂

    Your blog is a good source of wisdom for me, and I’m grateful for the chance to learn from you.

  2. This is a beautiful post. I needed a reminder that I am right on time. My Spirit is always there waiting for me. Even when I get lost or side-tracked. Thank you. I love your blog.

  3. Jill and Jay – Having perfect timing is a great way to meet new friends. Thanks for both your comments.

  4. I’m 42, thanks for the freedom to share! And I couldn’t agree more – each of our journey unfolds in its own unique way on the perfect schedule, so we’re all ‘right on time’…

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