I like the ducks.

July 10th, 2009


dubk bottoms 

I’m truly one of the lucky ones. Yes I am.  I’m a homeowner of a lovely townhouse situated in a fairly peaceful condo community.  We have the usual gated parking, community pool, clubhouse, and spa.  Sweet deal, don’t you think?  And the landscaping is a special treat with more than our fair share of waterfalls and a stream that connects them all.  That’s where the ducks come in.


Every spring, we’re graced with the temporary residency of a couple of ducks – or a duck couple, to be more accurate.  Now I’m not sure if it’s the same couple that frequents our complex from year to year, or different ones, but the ducks sure find our outdoor water areas to be a place of inspiration (if you know what I mean).


Ah.  But there’s a twist.  I never actually see any ducklings appear.  After weeks of cohabitating with the human population, guarding some secret nesting spot, occasionally taking a dip in the pool (I still can’t believe that all that chlorine doesn’t bother them), leaving little duck droppings in the patio (that’s what irks the other homeowners the most), the couple magically disappears into the night without the thrill of showing off their new family additions.


Personally, I think one of the human residents is interfering with the duck residents in a way that makes it more desirable for my quaky little friends to relocate to friendlier quarters, but that’s just a theory.  Though the “problem” of the ducks is a recurrent topic in our Home Owners Association meetings, no one has admitted to any “foul” behavior.  So I can’t prove a thing.


This summer, however, my favorite feathered duo has not done the usual middle-of-the-night exodus.  Seems that our little condo community has been blessed with eight beautiful little ducklings. mom baby ducks They are so cute and fuzzy and playful.  Watching them just makes my heart sing.


Now, instead of sitting by the pool, engrossed in my latest good read, I sit and watch my newest neighbors learn to paddle, dunk, climb rocks, dry feathers and see who can cuddle closest to mom (what a fun little competition that is when you’re one of eight).  Instead of listening to my iPod, I listen to mother duck instruct, warn and maybe even chastise the straggler who lingers too far behind the brood.


I ask you, how lucky am I?  I don’t describe my neighbors as eccentric anymore.  They’re downright quaky!  Shhhh.  Don’t tell the other home owners, but I like, like, like the ducks and I hope they stay.


Life is good! Namaste.  –Lori

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  1. The ducks are really cute! Especially the photo where they seem to be doing a dive, I’ve never seen them in this angle before. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. I think the photo is probably way cooler than the actual article 🙂

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