A Committee of One

July 1st, 2009

I’m currently trying to follow Edwene Gaines (The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity) 21-day challenge to fast from negativity. Honestly, it’s not going so well. When I first read the chapter in the book, I thought that it would be a cinch. Never did I imagine that I couldn’t keep negative comments from flying out of my mouth for even a full day. I thought that I was one of the positive people (nice delusion, Lori).


Every morning, I get up extra early, reread that chapter in her book and try to set my intention to fast from negative comments or thoughts. So far, I’m lucky if I last until noon. Then I get up the next day and try to hold my sarcastic tongue, curb my critical thoughts just a little longer.


Unlike other diets, there aren’t a lot of support groups out there to help you.  Why not?  Well, quite simply, it’s a very human tendency to bond by bitching.  And when in a group, be it family, coworkers or friends, I fall prey to that tendency as well…quite easily, I’m  embarrassed to admit.


So I think this is one spiritual challenge that I’m going to have to form a committee of one for my support. I’m hoping that if I keep setting my intention in the morning as soon as I wake up, I will eventually find that I’ve kept that intention alive until evening when I go to bed. I know that once I get through one full day, stringing several days of negative-free thinking and talking will be attainable. And the report to the committee will be glowing with praise for the committee member: me.


Life is good! Namaste.  –Lori

4 Responses to “A Committee of One”

  1. Oh man I can relate! I try so hard to be and think positive. But it’s not easy! I suppose when you live fully in the now, it helps…but it gets exhausting after awhile. I think it’s great to even attempt something like this…at least it brings about awareness… And after awhile, it will become easier to catch the negative thoughts.

  2. Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for visiting my site and for your wonderful comments. My awareness is so heightened by this exercise. I’m looking forward to the day when there’s nothing to catch myself in the act of. I’m thinking that it will show up as a blissful morning-after kind of experience…when I wake up the next morning and realize that I made it through a fully positive day.

    Life is good! Namaste. –Lori

  3. Being positive is so important and I try hard. But what if someone is mean to me or something bad happens at work. I will need to talk about it to work it out. Is that being negative?
    I agree that life is good.

  4. Hi Denise, Thanks for reading my blog. To answer your question, I think that talking about the situation to a third party or confronting the offending party directly are different things. Talking about the situation may give you a sympathetic ear and some consolation in the short term, but it keeps you focussed on the negative. I know from personal experience. This is something I try to resist doing on a regular basis. (And sometimes I’m successful.) If I truly just do what I can to resolve the situation and leave the rest to work itself out (afterall, I can’t really change another person), I feel better. And for me, when I feel good, I know I’m a better presence in the world.

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